Tuesday, November 29, 2005



I watched Fat Girl last night. It was depressing as all holy hell, but I really liked it, despite the fact that I had already seen Sex is Comedy, which gave away a fair amount about this movie. (Breillat made Sex is Comedy about the hardships of filming the sex scenes in Fat Girl.)

The thing that fucks me up a bit is how much I get the motivations of the fat girl. She does some really strange and self-destructive stuff. And instead of being shocked or horrified at her, like I think is the intended reaction, what shocks and horrifies me is how much I can relate to what she feels and does.

Although, thinking about it, the kind of people who are drawn to this type of movie in the first place are likely to be the same type of people who will be able to relate to the little girl.

To prove I still have a bit of prude in me, I was a little upset that the 12 year old actress had fairly explicit sex and nude scenes. I'm not entirely unshockable.

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