Monday, November 07, 2005



So, not only did my new haircut not make the boy fall in love with me, but now I have to figure out how to take care of short hair with bangs, which I have never had anything remotely like before. I have no clue, which made the big change seem brave in the abstract, but disastrously stupid in reality. I've been futzing with it for over two hours, and I can't make myself be happy with it. I'm driving myself completely insane.
I get more and more stressed out and crazy, and I mess with it more and more. And it still doesn't look right, so i get more stressed out and crazy. I'm ready to shave it all off, because I can't do this everyday.
Oh, and while I'm doing this insanity ritual, the Patriots are losing. Which makes me that much more upset and emotional. I can't calm down at all.

So, I'm basically a basketcase because of my fucking hair. I'm going to start crying any second. Clearly, this is a sign of severe mental instability.

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