Saturday, November 19, 2005



Next week is the boy's birthday party. He is having it on Wednesday night, since most everyone has Thursday off for Thanksgiving. When I told my roommate this, she threw a total hissyfit, since that is apparently not the best day for her. Now, that's fine - she's entitled to her opinion. But she wanted me to try go get him to switch the day. Her excuse when I told her she was being lamely selfish was that she wasn't just thinking of herself and that she thought that lots of people probably wouldn't be able to go on Wednesday, since they would be going home for Thanksgiving, plus it was no good because it was in the middle of the week. She suggested that I try to get him to move it to Friday. Now, I ask, if it was really about the people who are going home for Thanksgiving, isn't it likely that they would still be away on Friday? But, whatever, I told her I wasn't going to do it, and that I thought it was completely ridiculous that she was trying to make his birthday about what was best for her. We were both pretty mad, but we ultimately settled down.
Come to find out, when I went out with the boy last night, that she had appealed to him herself to move the party TO TUESDAY. TUESDAY! Which last I checked, was also in the middle of the week. And I, like most people who aren't free bird grad students, have to get up early for work on Wednesday. I had to fight really hard not to let show to him how completely pissed off at her that made me. What the hell. If he himself had chosen to have it on Tuesday, that's his choice, because it is his birthday. But for her to meddle and try to make it so... that's just so ridiculously selfish and so her, it makes me want to deck her.
When I came home, I called her on it, and her response was basically, "yeah, so???..." When I reminded her that I would have work the next day, and that would totally suck for me, she was totally flippant, telling me to "just take the day off or call in sick or something". I'm beginning to think her spoiled little perpetual student self is getting a little too out of touch with the real world. As if she needs any personality quirks that further turn her into a selfish bitch. She's already got plenty.
I just shut the door on her, because I think she's completely ridiculous. And she says, through the door, "besides it wasn't my idea that he move the date of the party. I just added my agreement."
Now, I don't want to call her a liar, because I feel like I'm already insulting her more than enough here. But, if that was true, I'm pretty sure that is what the boy would have told me. He's got absolutely no reason to lie about it. She, on the other hand, does.
It just makes like my skin crawl with anger, that she gives so little consideration to what anyone who isn't her wants. And that she'll lie to pretend she didn't.
Oh, and her really GREAT reason why she doesn't want the party to be on Wednesday - is because she wants to go get pizza with her brother. Totally more important than one of her friend's birthdays. But, whatever, she wants to choose that, then just CHOOSE THAT. That she'd knowingly decide to fuck me over to make sure she gets everything she wants exactly the way she wants it is completely lame, and sadly unsurprising.

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