Wednesday, November 16, 2005



Again, tonight, I spoke to the boy on the phone for well over an hour. Again, we didn't fight at all, and it just felt good. And it truly is kind of great, but then I do wonder if I've fallen in love with someone who really should just be my best friend. I don't know the answer.
It's just talking to him, when it's going well... it's so awesome. We just make sense to each other, and we can be stupid, and we laugh, and tell each other all this random stuff. But he's having the same conversation I'm having, and it isn't making him think of me as any more than a friend. Mostly, I think that's his mistake. But maybe it's mine. Maybe I'm confused and it isn't love at all. It's just great friendship. Can that be true?

I don't think so. It feels like more than that to me. We just make so much sense together. It's in the way he loves to tease me, and I enjoy getting mad at him for it, and he likes the way I get mad, and then he gets me to laugh again and we start all over. To most outsiders, it doesn't make sense. But it totally works for us. He can make me happier or sadder than anyone else. That can't just be friendship, can it?

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