Tuesday, November 22, 2005



Went over to my ex-boyfriend's to hang out and smoke pot. The boy called while I was there, and because of my incapicated mental state, I made the bonehead decision to answer the phone.

The boy was mad that I was at my ex-boyfriend's, who he thinks is not such a cool guy. My ex-boyfriend was peeved that I spent so long on the phone with the boy, since I'm pretty sure he suspects how I feel about him, even though I've never said so.

I tried to patch it up with both of them, but I don't think I did such a bang-up job.

Once I was off the phone with the boy, I just wanted to go home, but I had to wait until I felt sober enough to drive. That was a long and uncomfortable time. I think my ex thought we would hook up again. After I talked to the boy, though, there was just no way.

Don't get me wrong, a hook up wasn't hugely likely before, but hearing the boy's voice, and his disappointment in me for being there really kind of finalized that decision.

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