Friday, October 07, 2005



I'm surrounded by all these people who tell me not to call the boy. And not just in a "he's not good for you" way. I think most people recognize that I'm not interested in that argument.

They say, that if I don't call him, he'll like me better. I've heard this crap before, a million times. And you know, maybe it does work. I kind of doubt it would work with him, because of his unique and delightful personality quirks, but I'm willing to believe it works sometimes with some guys.

But, I don't care. I don't want to manipulate him into liking me better by feigning disinterest. I want him to like me because I'm nice to him and superfabulous, and because my loyalty and affection are things he finds to be positives, not negatives. I don't want him to be tricked into liking me because he thinks I might not like him, because YUCK.

I don't care if it works. There are some things I'm just not willing to do. Which is kind of hilarious when you consider the things I am willing to do (be a scary stalker, follow him around like a puppy dog for a few years, throw big fits when he's not as nice to me as I'd like), but still... it's me taking some sort of stand about who I'm willing to be for him, right?

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