Sunday, October 23, 2005



Had plans to go out with the boy tonight. He called this afternoon without any prompting, which was nice, but then told me he basically wanted me to drive him and his roommate to the movies and that was his plan for tonight's activity. I got annoyed and frustrated and probably meaner than I wanted to be. I only partially blame him for being inconsiderate; I'm also really overtired and burnt out.

I threw a fit, and we ended up just going out barhopping (though his roommate still joined us). It was okay, but I really do swear he drives me crazy on purpose sometimes. I really believe he needs to reassure himself that I'll be jealous when he talks about how pretty other girls are. And even I wanted to be stronger than that, it's like an involuntary response I can't stop at all.

The boy's got my number. He may not want it, but he has it.

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