Thursday, October 27, 2005



Okay. The last 24 hours have been really hectic and I have a lot of work I have to catch up, so I can't really do the full on, explanatory, explore my feelings type blog that I would like to. I'm just going to go through a quick list of the major events until I have time to process them a bit better.

1. I talked to the boy, and we sort of made up, though he reserves the right to continue punishing me for a while. And refuses to say I am not a stalker.

2. My car died.

3. In my attempt to revive my car, I inadvertently somehow killed my roommate's car. (No worries, AAA fixed her up in a jiffy and she didn't get too too mad at me).

4. I complained online about my car troubles to my ex-boyfriend, who came straight over, looked at my car, and agreed to help me the next (this) morning.

5. I went to my ex-boyfriend's house and got really really high. Which I don't do very often at all.

6. I slept with my ex-boyfriend. (Yeah, that one I'm going to need some time with.)

7. I spent the entire day fighting with mechanics who first told me they couldn't, then that they wouldn't fix my car. Eventually, I sat there looking pitiful for so long (I don't have AAA, and told them I had to wait until I could get in touch with someone who did before I could get towed somewhere else) that they took pity on me and fixed it.

Now, I am happy about my car, but totally sleep deprived and behind on my work.


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