Monday, October 03, 2005



I'm calling in sick tomorrow. I've already written the email I'll be sending my boss, telling him I can't come in. It's not very ethical of me, and I hate to lie, but I get taken advantage of there every day, and not paid for overtime, and given everybody's crap to deal with. So, every so often, I've got to do this, take a sick day that's really a vacation from them day, just so I can feel a bit rebellious and like I do get at least a little bit of what I deserve. Plus, a day where no one asks anything of me sounds really nice.
I'll probably spend the entire day watching movies and doing write-ups for my other job, so it's not really much of an exciting or superfun vacation day. But at least I'll be away from them. Though they know both my home and cell phone numbers, so I'm never truly safe.
So, as of now, it looks all good. So long as I don't wake up overwhelmed by the temptation to just lie in bed and sulk over the boy all day long. Fingers crossed.

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