Monday, October 24, 2005


right, but not right

I'm furious at the boy I'm in love with. He sent me an email telling me I am a "horrible stocker" and that I have no right to expect anyone to respect my privacy ever.

First, of all, horrible is not the right word to use (and for that matter, neither is "stocker"). I'm the best Goddamned stalker he is going to meet in his entire life.

But that's not the point, of course.

We were totally joking about some girl named Meghan, who he wouldn't tell me who she was. And I WARNED him that telling me he didn't want me to know (his exact words) would just make me want to know more. He laughed at me, and kept taunting me. I told him I bet I could figure out who she was, and he didn't believe that I could. He made it a joke, and kept making fun of me. So, I came home and did a little internet research,found evidence of "Meghan"'s identity and sent him her myspace page, with a note guessing at how he knows her exactly.

And the above email was his response. I think that's totally shitty, to egg me on, and then cut me down when I fall into the trap of being exactly who I am. It's not stalking if you are honest and upfront about it.

Which I kind of wasn't, since I totally knew who Meghan was from previous Myspace exploring, but didn't say so because I knew it would appear too stalkerish.

Anyway, my feelings are hurt. He's mad at me, and I'm mad at him. All is wrong with the world, as per usual.

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