Friday, October 21, 2005



I knew I was not going to be right today within a half hour or so of getting up. In the car on the way to work, Karma Police came on and I burst into tears. Sometimes ordinary songs strike me as so sad, I can't help myself. I even want to say that this particular song is a repeat offender. I think it's that "for a minute there, I lost myself" part that gets me. It's not a song I love or listen to all the time, but if I'm emotionally unstable, it is a definite trigger.

I made it through most of the day relatively unscathed by distracting myself with the zoo that is my workplace. Now, though, I'm home, and waiting for a friend to call to meet up for dinner, and I find myself feeling just like there's a nails on a chalkboard sound echoing in my head. My hands are shaking, which is making typing this a little more difficult than it should really be. And there's no concrete reason for it. It's just mood, just a bad feeling that I'm having.

I can't help but wonder if a lot of people have days like this, or if I'm truly bizarre.

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