Tuesday, October 11, 2005


last night post-script

Oddly enough, a few minutes after I got home from the club, I received an email from the boy. Without any provocation or earlier email from me - that never happens.
The gist of the email was basically just to say how nice it was to run into me and to say how nice it was to see me so happy.
I have to say, if he thinks that was me happy, he really can't read my moods at all, and I'm a bit surprised at him.
Also, I think there are two possible ways to interpret the email.
1. He was bummed that I wasn't as attentive as usual and thought he better snap to and write me a nice email so I don't fade away.
2. He was absolutely thrilled that he wasn't burdened with the full weight of my affections, and decided to send me a friendly email to let me know that my behavior for the evening was pleasing to him and to keep it up.

I prefer option 1. But since when does what I prefer matter a whole hell of a lot?

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