Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Last Night (Part 1)

I think I am going to have serialize my outing last night, because If I tried to fit it all into one post, it'd be annoyingly long, and my boss would almost certainly catch me writing it.

My roommate and I went to the show I had mentioned, and we were having a fine time. Then, I started to see the boy's cool hipster friends. And, yes, I spy on these people on Myspace. I don't feel bad about it. That's what Myspace is for. So, it was kind of totally cool, like a low-level celebrity sighting. You know, I follow these people's lives like you would a soap opera. We even ended up standing somewhat near them and it was just good fun for both of us.

Then, after the second of three bands, I had to go to the ladies', so we were making our way through the crowd. I wasn't paying much attention, and therefore was completely caught off guard when someone tugged me by a lock of my hair. I turn, and it's the boy. He wasn't standing with his friends, and I had had no indication that he was planning to come, so I was pretty dumbsquizzled.

It only takes me a split second to realize, though, that there is a girl standing with him. I turned away from him as fast as I can, so he couldn't see my face crumble. Then I picked up my pace on the way to the bathroom. He called out to ask where i was going, and I barely turned back to say "gotta pee", and moved myself away from him as fast as possible.

Of course, the club was swarming with people who know him, so my roommate and I couldn't even dissect the situation in the ladies room. I complain about her sometimes, but she did a good job, leading me past him, out of his view and finding another spot in the crowd, close but not too close to him. I could see him but he couldn't see me.

However, when the band finished up, he walked right past us, glancing at us he went by, and joined his "too-cool-for-school" friends without a single word to us. At that point, I think I must have looked like I was going to immediately vomit (which is also how I felt), so my roommate announced I needed a shot and a beer, she was buying, and steered me to the bar.

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