Tuesday, October 18, 2005



So, I talked to the boy on the phone. I made fun of him for Saturday a LOT, and he was clearly pretty embarrassed, but he took it well. And we talked for a long time, even if it was mostly me teasing him and him reacting to how goofy drunk he was on Saturday night. (Apparently he spent the next 24 hours or so trapped in a horrific hangover state, puking and barely able to move. Which makes me wonder how wonderfully well it would have gone if I had acted fast and made my move when I had the opportunity.)
But, it occured to me that maybe I was being a bit too joke-y about it, that I was helping him brush off what he said by turning it into a big joke about how crazy drunk he was. I found, though, that I didn't really care that much. Because we were talking and we were laughing and we were getting along. And I guess sometimes that's enough, even if it'd be nice if we did all that and made out too.
It's just, I want more so much sometimes that I forget how lucky I am to have him in my life as this great friend, which is what made me start wanting more in the first place.
It's all a bit confusing, I guess.

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