Monday, October 17, 2005



Though I am still really upset at myself for not seizing opportunity when it was right in front of me, I decided to at least test the waters and see how much he remembered of his invitation to have my way with him. I emailed him yesterday and just sort of teased him about a few of the drunk things he said Saturday night, including the "take advantage of me comment" and added that he was lucky I was such a woman of integrity and good moral fiber or his virtue would have been in peril.
I mean, hey, who is to say that he wouldn't write back and be like, "Yeah baby, I meant it. Come and get it" or whatever. (He'd never say that in particular. If he would, he wouldn't be my type of guy, but you get the gist anyway.)
Instead, I get this:
I can't believe that I said either of those things! I really did?

Sorry I was so drunk. I guess I need to learn to hold my liquor better.

That's not so encouraging, I guess. It would appear that this really was an aberration, a random chance to at least hook up with him, even if he's not going to love me. And I blew it.

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