Thursday, September 29, 2005



I talked for a long time with Alex last night about the boy I'm in love with. He said he thinks I am ruining my life with my fixation on the boy. And, I guess in broad strokes, that may well be true, but the word "ruin". I question its appropriateness. I mean, what am I ruining really? Alex says it is my chances for a happy life, but who knows how healthy those would be even if there was no boy.
I really think I've found a loophole here. I talked to Crackhead about it today, and though he initially said that he agreed with Alex, he then asked about amending it to "wasting" my life. I think that's probably more accurate. And it sounds less harsh, I think. I'm all about euphemisms. I like to make who I am sound less unpleasant.

Alex also says I'm like an addict with this boy. I don't really have a retort to that one, or any way to make it sound a little nicer. Alex is pretty smart on the subject of me. Poor guy.

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