Friday, September 23, 2005



He doesn't call or email for days.

When he finally does he accuses me of being too dependent on him for my happiness (which of course makes me colossally unhappy), and says he just isn't sure whether he wants to see me this weekend. He'll have to let me know.

He finally calls at 7 o'clock on a Friday night, and seems almost disappointed when I tell him I am in fact free to hang out. Then tells me the reason he is free tonight is because he is going to a show "with someone" tomorrow.

And here I am running around, trying to pretty up, because I'd given up hope I was going to see him tonight and my backup plan was to lie around and be depressed all night.

There's just nothing I won't take, I think. Go figure. I hold on with a grip like a vice, no matter how much he tries to shake free. I honestly don't even get it myself sometimes.

I've read and reread you blog at least 3 times. I find it very interesting, but I am a little worried about you... what is it about this boy that has you so blindsided??? What is it that makes him so worth your love? Don't you think you deserve someone who at least wants to be in a relationship with you, who looks forward to seeing you, hearing your voice on the phone, who doesn't think you are crazy? Just a thought.
I would have to say that you are worth more then what he is giving you.
These people are right
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