Thursday, September 08, 2005



So, I sent a slightly inebriated email to the boy I'm in love with after I got home last night, basically complaining about the fact that he likes other people more than me. It was actually fairly nicely written and not nearly as passive-aggressive as some of my past missives to him. And he went apeshit about it. We spent the entire morning sending increasingly hostile emails back and forth to each other about how I am impossibly clingy and he is cruelly cold and distant. He finally sent me an email saying that there was just nothing else to say to eachother and we should seek out greener pastures. I went to lunch, sat in my car in the dark subterranean garage and sobbed uncontrollably, thinking about how sick of me he is and how I'm losing him forever. I came back from lunch to find an email explaining that he wasn't really mad at me, and just felt like being a brat for a while. I almost burst into sobs all over again. I think perhaps he doesn't take our relationship quite as seriously as I do.

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