Thursday, September 15, 2005



Crackhead asked me if anyone had ever told me I was stubborn. Of course, I get told this all the freaking time. I said as much, and then, because I'm glutton for punishment and any attention is good attention, emailed the boy I'm in love with and asked him if he thought I was stubborn.
I was expecting "yup" or "you fucking now you are" or something of that ilk. Instead I got, "Stubborn? When it suits you." I didn't even know what that meant, but I did know I felt offended.
So, I decided to be stubborn and not email him for a long time, until HE had to come looking for ME. That'll show him how stubborn I can be. So there! Then he'll see! (What he'll see, I'm not so sure.)

I lasted all of 19 hours.

Maybe he's right, and I'm just stubborn when it suits me.

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