Thursday, September 08, 2005



I'm a very good stalker. There's not that many things I excel at, so I'm really kind of proud to have a skill that really allows me to shine. Of course, I don't often get the chance to revel in it publicly, since stalking isn't all that socially accepted, sadly.
Last night, I went out to a bar with the boy I'm in love with. As we walked into the dark room, I immediately recognized someone sitting in the corner, but couldn't quite place him. My boy recognized him too, went over, said hi, and was introduced to mystery boy's friends, who he hadn't met before. Somewhere about this time, looking at the three people seated at the table, I knew exactly where I knew ALL OF them from. Myspace. They aren't friends of my boy, but they're friends of his friends. It was almost unsettling to meet these people for the first time, when I already know such intimate details of their lives from their profiles and blogs.
After we sat down at our own table, my boy, for the first time, talked to me about all his music-scene Myspace friends, who I'm not allowed to intermingle with. And I can't say that I wasn't a bit proud to find out that the girls I thought he'd be into are the girls he is into. The girls who are after him that he's trying to get away from? Called them, too. Even the relationships between these people, who I've never met or even seen in person, who has dated who or likes who, I had pretty well figured out just from their little pieces of the internet. The internet really is a stalker's best friend.
So, that's it- I'm very impressed with myself. I rock at internet stalking (though these friendster/myspace things do so much of the work for me, it does take quite a bit of the challenge out). I wish this skill were just a bit more marketable or useful in regular life, but it helps me keep tabs on the boy I'm in love with pretty damned well, so I'll take it.

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