Saturday, September 17, 2005



So, I'm hanging out with the boy I'm in love with tonight. I gave him multiple options, since all we ever do is go to the movies and then get drunk. And he systematically rejected my options one by one, so we're going to the movies.
Which leaves me with a new dilemma: my roommate gets mad at me whenever I see a movie she wants to without her. It makes things a bit difficult, as you might imagine. However, knowing that I was probably going to the movies tonight, she and I made a compromise that she would just pick ONE movie that I would have to hold for her. Not perfect, but fair enough. She picked Thumbsucker, which I really really want to see, but fine, I'm not an unreasonable person.
So, I get on the phone with the boy to figure out what we are going to see: Venom - he doesn't want to see it; Cry Wolf - got bad reviews; Everything is Illuminated - he wants to see it, but just not tonight; Hellbent - actually almost happened, but after reading many reviews, he decided he didn't want to see that either. He knows I'd rather have root canal than go see romantic comedies, so Just Like Heaven is not even an option. So, really, that pretty much just leaves Thumbsucker. And he is being a whiney baby about the fact that I can't see the one movie I KNEW he wanted to see most.
This is a conversation I'm having in the privacy of my own room, lying on my own bed. My roommate comes to the doorway from the other side of the apartment, from which she had apparently been listening, sneers "I don't care what you do. Do whatever you want", goes in her room, and shuts the door. Loudly.
I don't really like getting attitude from the very people I'm putting myself out for (and disappointing the boy) to keep happy. It kind of makes me mad. People pretty much suck.

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