Sunday, September 25, 2005



This weekend has been pretty taxing and emotional. And whenever I'm not freaking out, I'm having to watch movies for my job. I don't feel like it has been very restful at all. I hate when my weekend doesn't reinvigorate me for another hellish week at work. It makes me all sulky that it's Sunday, and that I have to go back tomorrow, when really I should be enjoying my last day of the weekend. My dread is ruining 33% or so of my time off.
I guess there's still today to be hopeful for, though I should watch at least two more crappy movies. I'm mostly nervous for my beloved Patriots who are playing the Steelers, admittedly a total kickass team. It's silly that if we won against them, I'd look at the weekend as less of a disaster, but still... I'm sometimes ridiculous that way.

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