Wednesday, September 14, 2005



I've been in a bit of a grumpy, "want to smash" kind of mood today, even moreso than usual, and I was trying to figure out why. I haven't had any particularly big fights (even with the boy I'm in love with); my job hasn't been any more of a nightmare than it normally is. There's not any particular reason for me to be in the mood to trample people and make them cry.
Maybe it is because, though they are totally nice about it, I feel ganged up on by all the people who want me to give up on the boy I'm in love with. I get that it is in my best interests. I get that they think it will ultimately make me happier. But, I don't know, I feel like they are trying to take something away from me. And I don't react well to that. It makes me want to take things away from other people, and then smash them, and make the people cry. That's probably bad. But... I don't really do it, though. At least not usually. I should get some good person points for that, right?

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