Sunday, September 18, 2005



I could write about how my night was, but I think the email I just sent to the boy I'm in love with should illustrate it better than I could.


i am very sorry i hit you in the face. i did not mean to do such a thing. i only meant to hit you to express my anger at your turning into a jerkface, which i think you, in the sober light of day, will admit you did. but i didn't mean to hit your face and hope i didn't bruise it.

i am drunk and tired and wish you were nicer to me. perhaps this should be a lesson for the both of us. for you, be nicer. for me, have better aim.

love always.


There should probably be some device or system that does not allow me access to the internet when I am drunk.

So, if you didn't mean to hit him in the face but DID mean to hit him to make a point, where were you aiming? I suggest the gut, or a good hard whack in the shoulder will always make your point made...
Sadly, I was in fact aiming for his shoulder. Like I said, my aim is not so good, especially after a few drinks.
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