Tuesday, September 20, 2005



I'm not the kind of person who is made to work 12 hour days. I'm just too delicate... and too antsy. However, here I am, more than 8 hours in, and no end in sight. Well, it might be in sight, but it's only like an itty bitty speck in the distance.
We didn't get the call about this after-hours conference until this morning, and I already had plans for the night, but... again, here I am.
My boss was a total jerk about my planned trip to the dentist yesterday, but said nothing when one of my coworkers decided not to come in until 11:30 today, and another decided not to come in at all. So, I'm really in no mood to work free overtime for him.
It's against company policy to ever say no to a job, no matter what time it is set to take place. But, I learned fast that no matter what time the conference was set for, it was going to be me who would have to come in and do it, even if the job is after midnight and working it means walking on dark city streets and hanging out in an entirely abandoned office building until the customer shows. That's totally safe, right?

But, as much as I'd love to stick it to my boss, be out having fun, and just say no to the customer, I couldn't do it. Because I knew if I said no, it wouldn't get done, and the customer is a charity who is letting a dying little kid meet his or her favorite celebrity. I'd have to be kind of a monster to say no, just because I'm sick of my job. It kind of worries me how long I considered doing just that before I came to this conclusion, though. So, I feel kinda like a good person, but I'm just hanging on by a thread.

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