Thursday, September 22, 2005



So, I gave up wishing for my ATM number to magically reappear in my brain, and just went to the bank and re-set it.
This time, I got to choose my pin. And this is the kind of psycho I am. I chose a number related to the boy I'm in love with, but slightly off. That way, I know I'll remember it, since I'm super good at remembering everything about him, but just in case anyone figures out who I'm in love with, that I made my pin # about him, and which of his relevant numbers I used to make my pin, they still won't be able to break into my ATM card, because I changed it just a tiny bit. I'm sneaky.

The good thing is, I totally won't forget my ATM number anymore.
The bad thing is, whenever I'm angry or frustrated with him, which is a lot, just going to the atm machine or buying groceries will probably make me sadder.

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