Friday, September 30, 2005



So, in my earlier post, when I mentioned that the boy had asked me for a favor, and I told him that I thought it was ridiculous that he would be mean to me and then ask for something, what I neglected to say is that after I sent that email, I immediately went to work on doing the favor. Yeah, I'm like that.

I finally finished it today and called the boy to tell him that it was done. (Up until now, I hadn't called or emailed him back. Way to punish him, right?) But here's the thing - when I told him that I had done the favor, he wasn't surprised at all. He was just like, "Oh good. It's done." He said he appreciated it and all, but he clearly never doubted I would do it. So, I find that disappointing.

And then I brought up the email that upset me, thinking he might take this opportunity to apologize. I told him I looked it over, and found it hard to believe it was meant to be a joke, since it wasn't funny at all. He just laughed and said, "Really? It seemed funny to me when I was writing it." Which I don't think was a particularly nice thing to say. But I didn't say anything back, so I've got no right to complain, right?

I think I try so hard with people sometimes that they don't feel compelled to try back at all. And why should they. I make it so they don't have to.

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