Sunday, September 11, 2005



So, I bought some new CDs tonight, and before I even listened to them, I felt the need to open them up and look at all the lyrics, so that I could decide which song reminds me most of the boy I'm in love with, since that will almost certainly become my favorite. Does everyone do stuff like that, or is it just me? Pending actually listening to the CDs (such a formality), here are the few selections from what I think will be the winner.

Wish Me Gone

Saw things I shouldn't have. I made a fool of myself
It didn't have to hurt me quite as much as it did
Knowing the things you said, knowing they're probably half-lies
Made to make a girl smile doesn't make it alright

What does she say to make you light up this way?
I'd say it too if only that was open to me

Trying to see if you wish me gone
You don't apologize for having told so many lies
You would have to be saying sorry for a whole day

Is that all you wanted?
Is that all you want?
Love me loathe me
Hold me hate me
Kiss me Kill me
But say that you don't ever want to lose me.

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