Wednesday, September 28, 2005



So, the boy had the same girlfriend/ex-girlfriend he wasn't over and back and forth again for about 4 or 5 years. They finally called it quits almost a year ago, and she proceeded to secretly start dating one of his close friends that he goes to school with.

He didn't find out until the beginning of the summer, and though he says he's fine with it, any idiot would know that is is tough guy cover story. He's barely spoken to either of them since.

Now it is just about time for school to start again, and he'll start seeing them, particularly his former friend, all the time. They have taken this opportunity to announce to people that they "truly in love" and that they only weren't telling him so as not to hurt him until they knew for sure that it was real. I don't know if he's heard that yet. It's just going around the grapevine.

Even though he's being a jerk, and he's not answering my emails, and when he does his answers aren't very nice, I'm worried that he does know about their love. And that he's just being a jerk because he's hurt and frustrated right now and worried about having to face them. It could be the case, or I could be totally and completely wrong and he's just a real creepo right now.

Fuck if I know. And he's not going to tell me.

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