Monday, September 26, 2005



My roommate has a theory that although people do once in a while fall in love and become couples in L.A., that it can only happen if they belong to the same group. i.e. artists with artists, hipsters with hipsters, industry assholes with industry assholes, etc.
She could be right. She's worried because she doesn't belong in a group. We don't live in one of L.A.'s many communities with an identity ( like Silverlake, Marina del Rey, West Hollywood, and many many more). We're kinda in the middle of it all. And she dabbles in things more than allowing any one thing to dominate who she is (work, art, music, whatever). She doesn't so much look any particular part.
And I'm like that, too. But the difference is, she's trying to like carve her way into some sort of group, because she thinks it is the only way she'll be happy eventually, I think. And I just refuse to do that, to make any adjustments to who I am, what I like, or what I AM like to belong.
Which I'm fine with, that's who I am. But if she's right, I guess I'm kinda screwed. Which is depressing.

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