Monday, September 12, 2005



Tonight at dinner, as I was going on and on about the boy I'm in love with, as I so often do, my friend Ross stopped me and said, quite seriously, that I was a bit scary. And I exclaimed in agreement, "Yeah! I'm totally creepy!" And he said, "No really. I think if you were a man, you'd have a restraining order against you, but since you're a sweet-looking little girl, he thinks it is harmless and lets you continue to stalk him." I kind of wonder if that's true. I mean, I say I'm scary, but do I really think I am? I'm not sure. I guess it varies from moment to moment. And if I think that of myself, I can only imagine what other people who know me are thinking. Eek.
I don't want anyone to think I'm a bunny boiler, like Ross does. I'm just a little too devoted and a little too stubborn, really. And I can't bring myself to look at that as so very terrible as some of the people around me seem to.

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