Saturday, September 10, 2005



I almost considered blogging drunk last night. Which (a) would have been a really bad idea and (b) scares me that it even appealed to me. I mean, the whole city of L.A. on a Friday night, and I can't wait to come home to my computer? That's a little sad. Of course, the way I ultimately spent the second half of my evening wasn't much better. I inflicted upon my roommate the playing of or my spoken word version of lines from songs that indicated my feelings for the boy i'm in love with and his new snobby friends (i.e. "they don't love you like i love you" and "their love is only a fraction of what i can give to you" - you see the point I'm going for). Then I passed out halfway through All the Real Girls, which seemed like a pretty good movie, but I was too busy yelling insults at the lead characters for being in love to really notice. Oh, and I probably sent an ill-advised text message to the boy I'm in love with asking him when exactly I became worthless to him. Sometimes I do some stupid shit.

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