Sunday, September 25, 2005



If you don't follow football, you wouldn't know that the Patriots ended up winning their game against the Steelers with a field goal with one second left on the clock. Which greatly improved my mood. (So long as I don't let myself dwell too much on how I let a game that I don't play or have any association to have such a major impact on my mood.)

I just wish life were more like football. I guess any sport would sort of do, but every other sport I can think of is just like a point or two at a time. They don't allow for the dramatic turnarounds that football can, I think. You know, I'd love to feel like even when time's running out for something I want, and I can see it slipping out of my grasp, I could like throw a hail mary out of desperation, and suddenly everything would be okay, and I'd have what I wanted, my happy ending.

And life's not really like that. When you think something's falling away from you, and you're going to lose it, you probably are. All you have to look forward to is the slow torture of it drifting out of sight. But in football, things could always turn around. Your luck could change. And even if something really terrible happens, your coach can challenge it, and maybe it'll be overturned on review, just like it never happened at all.

Anyway, life sucks, but the Patriots rock, so I guess that's something.

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