Monday, August 22, 2005



I'm pretty much okay with being a person who fades into the background. I don't much like attention, unless I've set my sights on you, in which case I'll probably take any attention at all, even the bad kind. So, every once in a while when someone notices me, or remembers me, it always throws me off. Tonight, I had an orientation for my part-time after-work job. The fellow who's going to be overseeing the logistics of my work, as he was giving me my tapes to watch and PAL-enabled VCR (and how much of a complete film nerd am I that I got excited over the fact that I got to bring home a PAL-enabled VCR... like, why, other than for work would I EVER need such a thing), he says, "I think we live in the same neighborhood. I've seen you around." Now, that's polite, and fairly nice, and so I start explaining exactly where I live, which in retrospect may not have been the brightest move. Because, he continues, "A while ago, I was at the Post Office, and I was at the end of the line, and I saw you there. You were lodging a complaint because they lost a package and you had to say your name over and over again." Now, I'm searching my memory - a lost package... do I remember that... oh yeah, Grandpa's birthday... LAST YEAR. Okay. He remembers seeing me at the post office a year ago. That's still not so bad, I guess. Not creepy or stalker-y. He just has a good memory. Then he says, "and since then I see you around the neighborhood, walking by or pumping gas, and I always think to myself, there's Heidi (fill in last name here)." Now, I'm a stalker, totally admit that, but still, it creeped me out. And he seems like a nice, normal, non-stalkery guy, so why am I creeped out instead of feeling flattered? Then it occurred to me: He TOLD me. The first time he met me. That's just not normal, right? I don't know. Who am I to be talking about normal anyway?

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