Tuesday, August 23, 2005



I just watched a short film about a little boy who is afraid of cockroaches. His father tells him to keep one in a jar by his bed and say hello to it each morning and night, until it doesn't seem so scary anymore. He's scared at first, but then it works so well, that he ends up with jars full of every sort of gross animal, from mice to snakes, and everything you can think of, a whole room full of jars. Then, one day, he meets a pretty little girl, and she asks if he's scared of her... so he puts her in a giant hole in the ground with a cover on it, so that he can come see her each morning and night until he's not scared of her anymore. It made me wish I had a giant hole I could keep a boy in. But I know that it's only cute when the adorable little boy in the movie does it. If I did it, it'd be all scary and criminal. Life's just not fair sometimes.

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