Wednesday, August 17, 2005



So, for some reason, the boy I'm in love with thinks we're just friends. It makes me sad. A few days ago, we were drunk and high, and he punched me. Hard enough to bruise. So, I've been showing it to anyone who'll look. People have had bad reactions to it, oddly enough. Last night, I went out drinking with a nice boy I used to stalk/date. I showed him my bruise and he was all disapproving, so I decided to talk to the boy I'm in love with about it. I said, "Hey, Alex thinks you're gross for hitting girls." He responded that it didn't count, since I'm not a girl. I think I hate it more when he says shit like this, that casually proves he doesn't love me back, than I do when he's outright mean to me. It makes me want to scream and throw things at him. But instead, I just answered "Except I really am." And he was all, "No you're not. Not really." And I didn't have the heart to argue anymore, so I changed the subject.

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