Tuesday, August 30, 2005



(Included as per Crackhead's request, even though he already knows the story.)
So, a few years ago, shortly after my friend Alex had told me he didn't want to date me anymore, we were still hanging out an awful lot. He explained his continuing need for me by telling me that I was "the best food for (his) ego." Of course, I told all my friends that I was nothing more than ego food to him, he's so heartless, and so on and so forth.
This weekend was my roommate's birthday, and the party wound down to just me, her, her brother, and Alex. Alex was talking about the boy I'm in love with, and how he just strings me along to make himself feel good. And Lau drunkenly chimed in, "He treats her like ego food."
This led to a whole discussion of whether or not Alex had ever himself referred to me as ego food. He at first denied, but then admitted he might have, explaining himself like this: he had partaken of my ego food, but he stopped after just a nice ego snack, and had the sense to walk away from the table even though my ego food was delicious and good. The boy I'm in love with, he maintains, continues to gorge himself on my ego food with no sign of stopping until there isn't anything left of me on the table. Which is why he says the boy I'm in love with is a jerk.
I didn't think that was all that great a story, but my roommate and her brother practically broke into applause.

On a only slightly related note, the boy I'm in love with emailed me yesterday to complain that the ex-girlfriend he brought to my roommate's party with him could tell how much Alex hates him right off the bat, without having been told a word about them. I kinda think she's crazy, because Alex was perfectly nice to both of them. But what the hell do I know.

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